The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone.  They do not represent my employer, my alma mater or my credentials.

Additionally, I am not a lawyer, so all I am doing is presenting what the regulations state and how the agency interprets it.  When in doubt as to the legality or liability of a chosen management path or concern, consult a reputable lawyer that understands your particular environmental concern.

Environmental compliance requires many different disciplines.  When looking for assistance, look to see if the person is a CHMM or an REM.

Since this is my career, what I write in these posts is my intellectual property and is copyright protected.  If you want to use it, ask for permission.  If you quote me, please provide a citation as to where the information came.

Also, If I have made a mistake or muddied the waters, please send me an email or leave a comment.  The purpose of this blog is to assist those in the profession I have spent the last 26 years working in, not to give me a platform.

And remember.....its all about protecting public health and the environment.  Keep your focus on that and don't let the silliness and illogic of the regulations and public perception get you down.