Sunday, June 10, 2012

Typical...just typical. No, but really...typical

For those of you who don't spend their time as a full-time instructor/trainer, let me tell you about a typical day.  A typical day, just like I had today.

I teach 8-hour classes.  Last week I did a full week of 8 hour classes, so about 40 hours of training, plus travel and prep to set up the class.  We got back late Friday so I was unable to get my next class - which starts at 0800 Monday, set up during "normal" business hours.

When you walk into a training class, there is often a bunch of prep work that went into it.  Some classes are easy, show up a half hour early and setup and go.  But this weeks class, one I do to prep folks to sit for the REM or CHMM exam, takes a bit of work to get ready.

Those who are attending this class are usually a little nervous because of the exam they will often take on Friday.  So having everything laid out and up and running so it starts well sets the tone for the rest of the week.

So I get to the training room, which has been moved to a different building and will involve carting my stuff from one location about a quarter mile away.  Got it, was prepared for that opening the door.  But the training gods were in a particular feisty mood today and decided I needed a bit of extra effort on my Sunday.

First, the room had been arranged for a party, so the tables and chairs had to be moved and rearranged.

Next, the computer says "windows has been updated, you must restart your computer."  OK.

Computer comes back on, "Adobe Flash has been updated, you must restart your computer."  Really...OK, one more time.

With the computer updated, I try to access my files, which requires me to log in.  Only it will not take my username or password.  My power point files, which are on the main comp, are not available for the class that starts Monday at 0800, which, as a state agency, is before our computer nerds get in and man the help desk.  Off to get my backup computer which is arranged so that the fixed cords which are all nice and neat and bundled together will not reach the slots on my comp.

I'll get the coffee ready to go, no coffee.

Books have a few pages that need to be replaced with current info.  Go to print and they have the copy machine locked up in a room.  Aha!  I know a workaround.  I can sneak through the registration office door and into the admin room where a copy machine is.  Two can play this game!  What, the door is locked, when did they start locking that door?

No big deal, I can send the print order to the printer in the building I normally train in.  ...and print!.  Drive to that building, unlock the door, go to copy machine, and "Tray D is out of paper".  Load paper.  Done.  Look for three-hole punch, no where to be found.  Place a few single sheet handouts on the copier, press copy, and 30 sheets of barely readable stuff comes out.  No biggie, I can print them Monday at break.  Typical.

Drive back to the classroom and look for a three-hole punch.  There are two.  One is old and the other looks like it was made when Texas A&M was started in the 1870s.  I'll try the "newer" one.  Funny thing about three-hole punches, they often don't like to let the paper slide under the punch.  Bang on the handle - slide the paper under, adjust the margins, press the lever down...  Funny thing about three-hole punches, they often don't like to let go of the paper once the hole is punched.  Bang it on the desk, one, two, three times the charm.  Paper comes out, and there are only two holes, not three.  Off to get the antique one.

The prehistoric three-hole punch seems to work without a problem,  Place the paper in, push the lever down, and presto!  Three holes.  Only the holes are too small in diameter for the notebooks I am using.

OK, we will push that task off for Monday while I go looking for a real three-hole punch.  I know we have one, because I bought a real one - that works for my program a number of years back.  Only thing is, I recently decided not to horde it and thought it would be better to share it.  Someone has my three-hole punch.  Don't make me go all Milton on you my fellow workmates!

Argg.  Typical...just typical

Well, at least the air conditioning was working today.  Then again, there is always tomorrow.